The National Hereford Hog Association is a non-profit association that became active in May 1934.  It was organized to promote Hereford Hogs and so Hereford Hog breeders could register and transfer Hereford hogs.  Breeders can become life members and those of non voting age could become junior members of the association.  Active members could have voting priveleges, could become a director if desired if elected, and perhaps an officer of the association.  The National Hereford Hog Association started from the Creation Foundation Herd of the originator, John C. Schulte, Norway, Iowa.  He became the first president of the National Hereford Hog Record Association.

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Address: 826 140th St. Aledo, Illinois 61231                       Phone: 309-299-5122

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The NHHA By-Laws have been updated.  You can find them under the History.  A copy of these bylaws are being mailed to everyone on the mailing list.

Color Description Updated (3-2-14):

ARTICLE 13: Hereford Marking, Identification and Other Requirements.

13.1 Ideal Color Markings. The ideal color marking of all Hereford breeding hogs eligible for registration shall be red, light or dark however, deep red is preferred with a white head, ears and 4 white legs Whether the underline of the animal is white or red is breeder preference. Ears must be at least broke forward.

13.2 Breed definitions.

splash or drip of white – small spot of white not connected to any other patch of white on the body.

The face of the animal – starting at the top of the forehead extending down to and including the nose, mouth, eyes, and jaw bone line.

Blaze Face – small narrow strip of white running in between the eyes

White foot – 1" Above the hoof with the white extending over that entire area at sale or show age. The white must go all the way around the foot

13.3 Minimum and maximum amount of white allowed for breeding stock registration eligibility with the intent to be shown or sold as a show or breeding animal. Body shall be at least 2/3 red, there shall be no white over the back beyond the shoulder blade with exception of a splash or drip, with no connecting belt anywhere on the body this does not include the neck. Herefords fitting this category must also have white on at least 2/3 of their face, ears broke forward and possess at least 3 white feet.


13.4 Marking and Other Disqualifications for breeding animals. Other disqualifications are more than 5 black spots larger a U.S. minted .50ct piece on any part of the animal or any 1 black spot Larger than 4 inches at any point of measurement, erect ears; or where an animal shows evidence of an extra dewclaw, boars with one testicle, swirls, blood warts, less than 6 functional teats on each side of underline, permanent deformities of any kind.

13.5 Hereford Market Animals. Market animals shall be eligible for registration as off-marked with these requirements: At least 50% of a white face, at least 50% red body, at least 2 white feet. This will be known as the "50-50-50 rule"

A) Off marked boars must be registered as barrows. No off marked males are permitted for breeding purposes of making purebred swine.

B) Off marked females must be registered with an OM in front of the registration # or animals name

C) Off marked females are only allowed in market swine classes where females are permitted and are in no way eligible to be shown in purebred breeding classes

D) Off marked females must be registered as market animals. Thus, these markets animals must be declared at the time of registration and will receive a pedigree stating. "This animal is a Purebred Hereford Hog meeting minimal requirements governed by The National Hereford Hog Record Assn. to be shown or sold as a market animal only and is not eligible for breeding or breeding swine shows as a purebred Hereford Hog. Due to ineligible color markings or other purebred breeding swine classifications.

13.6 Reporting of belts and black spots in breeding animals offspring. Belts and black spots do appear occasionally. It is the job of the breeders and members to do their best to eliminate this from their herds. The National Hereford Hog Record Assn needs to be informed of any swine producing belted or black spotted off spring.

Breeders List:
The Breeders list is changing. the current breeders list is being taken down and in order to be listed on this list there is going to be an annual fee of $10.00.  The list will only be updated once a year in December. Please send the money to the National Hereford Association.
Address; 826 140th St. Aledo, Illinois 61231.
Please include your name address, phone number, and email address.

2015 Show and Sale Info is available on the show and sale site.

National Hereford Hog Association

  Best Marked at the 2013 National Show and Sale
  Shown By: Phil Kramer; Algona, IA

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2014 National Show:
Champion Boar: Clint High Farms; New Vienna, OH
Reserve Champion Boar: Sarah Strathman; Brodhead, WI

Champion Gilt: Sydnee & Casen Hawkins; Hillsboro, OH
Reserve Champion Gilt: Owen Smith; New Vienna, OH

Champion Bred Gilt: Colleen Primmer; Brashear, MO
Reserve Champion Bred Gilt: Deb Schulte; Norway, IA

Champion Best Marked: Riley Meyers; Capron, IL
Reserve Champion Best Marked: Luke Edwards; Oakland, IL

Champion Senior Showman: Marybeth Hutchins; Hartley, DE
Champion Intermediate Showman: Riley Meyers; Capron, IL
Champion Junior Showman: Sydney Hawkins;Jamestown, OH

Premier Breeder: Clint High Farms; New Vienna, OH
Premier Sire: CHF Spanky Rat 28-7 

National Hereford Hog Association
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